Fortress Puffer Jacket
Fortress Puffer Jacket

Fortress Puffer Jacket

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Vinyl oversized puffer jacket with embossed 'Last Heirs' logo on front
and large embossed 'Last Heirs' logo with seasonal reference on back.
Jacket comes with detachable weather shield collar

- 100% PVC EU Eco-Norm Vinyl Shell
- 100% Viscose Lining
- 100% Eco-Cotton Heatfill

Made in Germany

Handmade in Berlin, Germany by our team. These jackets are one-off pieces 
created specially for each order, appreciate the craftsmanship and time that goes
into creating one of these. All materials are selected for their high Eco-norm standards, are sustainably sourced, extremely durable and comfortable to wear.

Patrick is 170 cm and wears a size M